Loan Products

Loan Products vary by country.  We lend in local currency equivalent of US$ 2,000 – US$ 50,000.


Working Capital Loan – intended to augment the business revolving capital for regular operation with a duration of 6-24 months.


Fixed Asset Acquisition Loan – intended for fixed asset acquisition or improvement of production facilities.  Loans shall be repayable monthly over a period of 3 – 36 months. Security requirement is assignment or Chattel Mortgage in the equipment or machinery acquired through the loan.


Purchase Order Loan – These loans are made for up to 70% of the purchase order value and are designed to be short term to help businesses meet orders from their clients. VS provides rapid service and make loans for 1 – 12 months. Security requirement is the assignment of Purchase Order receivables to be financed by the loan.


Line of Credit – these loans are available to repeat clients who have already repaid five loans on time.


Additional loan products are regularly being considered.