Venture South Colombia is an alternative source of finance for SMEs with proven business models.

It seeks to provide scalable, permanent, effective and efficient services to SMEs and it wants to grow with its clients.

Venture South Colombia made its first loans in 2008. Since then it has made over 475 loans valued at over US$ 3.1 million.

There are 60,000 Small and Medium Enterprises in Colombia which generate close to 40% of the total GNP and 63% of employment.

– SMEs are a fundamental factor in the generation of employment and the development of the country.

– SMEs are the segment of the economy which have the most obstacles for their development and financing.

– SMEs productive structure are more flexible than large enterprises

– SMEs have a greater capacity to respond to the changes in demand.

SMEs are Venture South’s target market and we work with funds under administration and as advisers in Colombia.

Since the Colombian Peso fell our options for raising capital in the country diminished and we have reduced our operations in the country.