Since its founding in 2008, VS has raised over US$ 12 million from 20 creditors and reliably repaid investors over US$ 6 million on time.  Venture South has an outstanding loan portfolio of US$ 5 million to 821 small SMEs that have 13,492 employees.  Venture South companies have made over US$ 14 million of loans to 1,900 businesses since 2008.


Venture South has a small secretariat in Geneva and works through its local offices in each country.  It raises funds internationally and locally.   The office in the Philippines has two branches and 30 staff.  The Colombia office is working with three people.  Kenya and Uganda both have one person until operations increase.  Venture South has a broad network of contacts in many countries.


Due its track record, experience and extensive contacts, Venture South has been requested to provide additional services.  We have therefore begun to provide consulting, advisory and fund management services.